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Account Summary—An overview of all your accounts. Showing account name, securities value, cash and equivalents and net worth. (View Full Page)

Household Summary—Review all your holdings, including asset allocation, on one screen. This allows you to keep track of your investments held in different accounts. (View Full Page)

Review each of your accounts individually for specific information on the following tabs.

Account Balance—You can see a breakdown of assets, liabilities, equity and other account information. (View Full Page)

Account Activity—Review transactions in your account for the past 90 days. (View Full Page)

Account Detail—Breakdown of accounts by security type. This information can be downloaded to an Excel spreadsheet with the click of one button. If you have any questions regarding any of your accounts, contact your Financial Advisor. (View Full Page)

Other functions you can access on for your account include:

Cost Basis—Indicates the purchase price of your securities. Contact your Financial Advisor for more information. (View Full Page)

Account Allocation—Review your account allocation. Speak with your Financial Advisor to discuss specific allocation strategies that are right for you. (View Full Page)