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Advantage Checking & Debit Card Fees
Advantage Account—Basic (check writing only) $ 65 annual fee
Advantage Account—Standard (debit card & check writing) $125 annual fee
Advantage Check Orders—Individual (Additional delivery charges may apply from check vendor on options other than bulk mail)
Initial order-standard wallet (40 checks) Free Service
Re-order standard wallet (120) $ 9 (plus applicable tax)
Initial order-standard duplicate (120 checks) $20 (plus applicable tax)
Re-order standard duplicate (120) $20 (plus applicable tax)
Advantage Check Orders—Corporate (Corporate check orders are subject to overnight delivery fees)
Initial order (Three to a page) 252 checks $151.09
(plus applicable tax)
Re-order (Three to a page) 252 checks $105.52
(plus applicable tax)
Other Advantage Account Fees *
Insufficient Funds $20
Stop Payment Order $25
Returned Checks $25
Check Research $ 5 each
Check Copies Three free copies per month; $15 each over 3
ATM Transaction No internal service fee
Additional Debit Card $15 each
Additional Debit Card Overnight Delivery $20 per card
Overnight Mail Fee $15 per mailing
Other Fees
Prepayment on Sale (payment prior to settlement date) $15 or Margin Interest, whichever is greater
Client Online Access to Account Free Service
Online Bill Pay Free Service
Deposited Item Returned $10 per item
Confirmation Postage and Handling Fee $3
Bond Redemptions Free Service
Transfer on Death Application Fee Free Service
Historical Pricing for Estate Valuations $2.50 per CUSIP ($50 Minimum)
Filing for a Regulatory Extension for payment due on a Trade $5 Filing Fee plus margin rate on balance unpaid
Regulatory Trade Violations $5
Outside Investment Custodial Fee $100 annually
Lost Certificate Replacement $100 plus any out-of-pocket or pass-through fees
Research or Document Retrieval $15/hour (1 hour minimum)
Transfer Fees (any additional transfer agent or depository fees are passed on at cost)
Account Transfer to another broker/dealer (ACAT) $95
Physical Certificate Issuance (if possible) $500
Delivery of position through Direct Registration System Free Service
Physical Certificate Reject Fee $50 per item
Direct Registration Reject Fee $75 per item
Withdrawal at Custodian $150 per security
Customer Name Safekeeping Held on exception basis and charged $150 annually. New certificates are charged an initial fee of $500
Reorganization Activity
Non-Physical Free Service
Mutual Funds
Load and No-Load Liquidation Fee $14 per trade
No-Load Commission/Transaction Fee $25
Wire Transfer Funds
Domestic $15 per wire
International $25 per wire
First Clearing as Custodian Retirement Account Fees
IRA Custodial Fee-Annual Maintenance $50
IRA Custodial Fee-Termination Fee $95
Retirement Account Transaction Fees
Treasury or Corporate Bond Trade $20
Equity Trade $20
Annual Inactive Account Fees
Custodial Accounts $45
All other Accounts (excluding IRAs, Advantage Standard with Debit card, and advisory accounts) $65
Brokerage Account Transaction Fees

Treasury, Corporate Bond or Municipal Bond Trade

Reasonable principal mark-up or $50
Equity Trade for market order < 100 shares

$50 – Larger trades at rates based on size and complexity of the order

Advisory Account Transaction Fees at First Clearing – if different from above
Equity Trade $20
Treasury, Corporate Bond or Municipal Bond Trade $20

Above pricing effective March 31, 2020. With any of the client services items listed above, there may be certain instances where additional fees apply and will be charged and priced based on the situation. Fees that are directly passed on from vendors are subject to change without notice.




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