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Lafayette Investments Experience Vision Service
Experience: Providing Strategic Thinking and Hands-On Service

Lafayette Investments is an independent employee-owned firm located in Ashton, MD. Founded in 1988, our core investment staff has been together for over thirty years and manages over $700 million in assets.

Our most important resource is our employees. Their experience in the marketplace and skill as investment advisors are the foundation of our success. Meet our decision-makers. They take their fiduciary role seriously, acting on each client’s behalf with good faith, trust, special confidence and candor.


What Sets Us Apart

All decision-makers have been with Lafayette at least thirty years

The Investment Advisor is each client’s direct and primary contact

We do our own research

We only invest within our circle of competence

Scott Dinn

Brendan Hughes

Mark Hughes

Lawrence Judge

Ryan Klinger

Robert Noyes

Kathleen Yates


Lafayette Investments is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisorr.