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Important information for clients of Lafayette Investments, Inc. who access their accounts online

Lafayette Investments, Inc. is committed to the safety of its clients online, and to the security of their personal and account information. The vast majority of Lafayette’s clients have chosen Charles Schwab (“Schwab”) as their custodial brokerage firm. Schwab offers clients the ability to log in securely to its online Customer Center at the Schwab Alliance website here in order to have access to their account information virtually anytime.

Lafayette clients may self-enroll in Schwab Alliance by validating their account credentials at the secure Schwab Alliance website. Once enrolled, clients may set up security alerts, request paperless delivery of statements and other important documents, and enroll in two-step verification for additional security and stronger account protection.

Schwab’s login landing page provides a link to SchwabSafe® and a review of the measures that Schwab takes to secure client accounts: encryption, risk-based security controls, employees who are highly-trained in privacy and security, and security procedures to identify the client before any sensitive information is shown or discussed.

Client use of Schwab Alliance is subject to user agreements presented at the time of enrollment. Login IDs, passwords and security questions for password resets must conform to Schwab’s security and complexity standards.

Schwab Alliance enrollees are responsible for the confidentiality and proper use of their login credentials, and agree not to provide them to any third party. Schwab has begun to require two-step verification upon the first use of all new devices or unrecognized browsers. Clients may tell Schwab to trust a new device  once it has been authenticated in this manner. For any non-trusted devices, Schwab will require verification by the client’s entry of a code that Schwab will send securely to the client.

Lafayette recommends that you take reasonable measures to safeguard your personal and financial information online. Your online security depends upon your use of current operating systems and web browsers. You should install anti-virus and anti-malware software on all computers and mobile devices. It is a good security practice to use unique user names and passwords for access to different websites, and to change your passwords periodically. Use two-step verification whenever possible for an additional layer of security.

The Federal Trade Commission provides important security resources that you may use to help protect your personal information and online identity.  Detailed information is available at this link.

If you are a victim of fraud or identity theft, please contact your Financial Advisor to put a hold on your account.

This policy is effective September 22, 2023.


Lafayette Investments is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor.