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Fixed Income Securities

Stock Investment Philosophy

Fixed-Income Securities Strategies

Lafayette uses a disciplined approach in selecting taxable and tax exempt securities for portfolios. No single type of fixed income investment is appropriate for all periods. Municipal, corporate and US treasury bonds are considered.

  • Municipal bonds
    With more than $1 trillion of issues outstanding, the tax exempt municipal bond marketplace is often mispriced. Our understanding of and relationships in the municipal bond industry provide our clients with institutional advantages. We analyze the after-tax returns from treasury, corporate and municipal obligations to determine the instrument that provides the most attractive net return.

  • Corporate bonds
    The fundamental analysis we use to evaluate stock purchases guides our selection of corporate fixed income instruments. Focusing on a company’s capital structure, we ascertain whether or not a corporate bond is a suitable investment. Our focus is on income and preservation of capital.


Lafayette Investments is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor.