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Service: Portfolio Management for Long-Term Growth


Stock Investment Philosophy

Fixed-Income Securities Strategies

Our advisors are firm believers in the values found in common stocks. We will consider investment opportunities in any size company—large-, mid- or small-cap.

What makes a business worthy of investment?

  • Great management at reasonable prices
  • Consistent money makers
  • Undervalued assets with a catalyst in place to activate change in pricing

What attributes do we like to see in potential investments?

  • Experienced management with a large ownership stake
  • Shareholders treated as partners—reasonable stock option plans, honest accounting
  • Growth at a reasonable price
  • A strong balance sheet
  • An understandable business model
  • Businesses that aren’t undergoing rapid change
  • Short-term earnings difficulties overshadowing long-term strengths
  • Unique franchises with a protective moat


Lafayette Investments is registered with the Securities and Exchange Commission as an investment advisor.